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Photography, creating exceptional photographs for the NW MLS, including residential and commercial properties.

A vital part of your real estate integrated marketing.

The Internet changed how real estate is bought and sold. It is now the Internet where the home buyer will first get a glimpse of the home or other property being sold. That “first glimpse” means the highest in quality pictures. With out that, there is a very high chance the buyer(s) will bypass your home listing for the next one in the MLS listing order.

An experienced real estate agent will always advise a home owner of the importance of creating curb side appeal and proper staging. The most successful agents also provide professional high quality pictures for the listing on the Internet. Their commission can depend on it and it means more visitors and ususally a much quicker sale.

In Summary…

Today’s sophisticated home buyer wants to see pictures of your MLS listings, not snapshots taken by a cell phone or an novice.

Nine out of ten homes for sale are first viewed by buyers on the Internet. This means that high quality professional pictures for your Internet MLS listing are an absolute must. Your MLS listing must be presented in its best light.

You NEVER get a second chance to make a good first impression.





Northwest real estate photography with a reputation for consistent high quality photography helps insure visitors to your MLS listing.